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Russia! Do Not Loose Your Chnace!

Russia! Do Not Loose Your Chnace!
Pavel Basanets 01.03.2007

What is happening now in Russiacan be called prerevolutionary situation. The tops cannot, the bottoms do not want. Uniqueness of what is happening is that the authority makes one mistake after another. These mistakes as a snowball grow, acquire new problems, grasp in the orbit more and more new and characters from the party in power, discredit the very concept of authority.

Naked king staying on an Olympusand all his retinue represent a disgusting show. Their pockets are filled with shares of gazproms, check-books of foreign banks and one way air tickets. Their wives and mistresses tired from fantigues in Courchavels, muffle up in expensive fur coats, conceal faces exhaling a stench of dear cosmetics made of a cadaveric material of not born Russian children.

The crowd is at the bottom. It gradually closes its lines and with deaf grumble and eyes full of hatred observes the next wreck of the hopes. A wreck of the Russian state.

Looking around the bottoms search for those they would follow after to an Olympus, but see only tearing throats of  those who would like to be closer too to an Olympus and a king so that to be noticed and receive a trinket.

Among this diverse crowd military men can be distinguished by gilding of the epaulettes: in a year of a pig, they received it being humiliated by the assignment as Minister of Defense the seller of furniture. They still cannot understand that no matter who was the minister, the commands would be transferred from Washington and Tel Aviv. Our military people are strangely organized: their enlightenment begins only with resignation, resignation from a trough. Possibly it’s illness. But whether it is treated? May be Ugo Chaves can give us a receipt?

Representatives of various parties pop among citizens, agitate to vote for themselves, dear, so that to “suffer” for people in a new Duma, in a warm shed and to regret that there are not enough of them to make people also happy. Time has not come! God’s will! And people are different – vote incorrectly!!!

Whether there is the way out? Whether we, Russians. can at last, feel that we live on the own Land, not on the land of the abramovichs, the deripasoks, the vakselbergs and the putins? That we are not their citizens? Not their slaves? That we are true owners of our riches, owners of our country?

I am sure we can.      

Two weeks ago, on radio station "Echo of Moscow" there was a polling during G.A.Zjuganov's performance: whom you will vote for in December, 2007: "Edinaya Russia" or the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? Result: 93% for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 7% for "Edinaya Russia".

I am aware that 93% - is a parameter of protest voting. But it speaks about two circumstances:

1. At last even the "stunning" rating of the guarantor could not prevent people from understanding whom "Edinaya Russia" serves to.

2. Despite of all dirt which is duplicated in the address of the Communist Party of the Russian Federationin mass-media, people have intuitively started to understand: salvation of the country is impossible without structured organization and all these years only the Communist Party has been doing and does all that is possible and impossible to protect its people. Any party is an alive organism. There were cases of treachery there but the stood up.

I foresee a shaft of objections, charges and insults.

But try to separate soberly the wheat from the chaff.

The fate of Russiahangs in the balance this year, on elections to the State Duma. The only opposition party which will participate in elections is - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.All these years authorities did, do and will do everything that is possible to sling mud on the party and its leaders. Frequently they succeed. If they will succeed this time, there will be no chance any more!!

You recollect the past? So all those ones – crums - from the CPSU who interfered with our lives in Soviet Union, for a long time are behind the Kremlin wall, in the various parties in power. They serve not to the God but to mammon!

There are mainly elderly but crystal fair people near me who have remained faithful both to our ideas of democracy and the Native land.

At the present moment the number of members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federationis – 162 thousand people. The majority of them are - people not so young. But if this year people, at last, will not wake up and will not understand who is who?, there could be no another chance and on the next elections when my senior comrades will die, you will choose Borya Moiseev in the president. Or Berl Lasar - except for American and Israeli passport he also has the Russian one!

You don’t like something is in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? Enter a party and achieve changes!

Andnowrecollect! Who of you voted for Eltsin? WhoforPutin? AREYOUASHAMEDTOCONFESS?

And who votes for "Edinay Russia" which was created by berezovslky and abramovich? And in fact in a threshold of elections authority will start again to distribute charities! You will again be bought into? Or in a pointed manner will not go on elections having shown your "boldness"? That is what is necessary to the Authority. In fact the elevl of attendance is cancelled!!

As a matter of fact, there is no alternative to the Communist Party of the Russian Federationin Russia!

In there won’t be such in the near future in view of a draconic law about political parties!! It means that we all including communists shall be achieving that in the program-minimum of the Communist Party of the Russian Federationthere will be precise formulations, not general words, concrete dates of their fulfillment, not reference to the bright future. I am assured that the party will execute this work.

Russia! Do not loose your chance!

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