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A Split Takes Place in Church due to the Anti-Public Policy of the Present Authority

A Split Takes Place in Church due to the Anti-Public Policy of the Present Authority
Baranov Anatoly 05.03.2007

A number of figures of Russian Orthodox Church led by bishop of Anadir-Chukchi diocese Diomid addressed open letter convicting a management of the Moscowpatriarchy. The main cause of the open charge of a church management became "development of spiritual conciliation (neosergianstvo), subordinated church authority to civil, frequently anti-Christian one". I.e. far no everybody in the ROC welcome gradual transformation of the Russian church into a department of Administration of the president working with believers. More than that, Diomid and his followers openly identify position of Alexis II and his surrounding as “silent accordance instead of conviction of anti-public policy of the present authority leading to the ruin of the state, demographic crisis and other negative consequences”.  

Everything that was written about on FORUM.msk often causing indignation in church and near-church circles appeared to be conformable to the thoughts of a sane and sincerely believing clergy whom, certainly, saw better all internal defects of church which though being formally separated from the state but obviously underwent influence of vicious authority.

Both sincere, fair clergymen and originally believing laymen cannot keep silent. And they, as we now see, are not silent.

We in many respects do not share the sights of bishop Diomid at existing wordly orders, some of his estimations seem to us a little bit exotic. But we are ready to struggle for that they could be express freely also these sights, no matter whether we like them or seem incorrect.

We publish completely the message of believers of Anadir-Chukchi diocese and are ready to the extend that we can to support their initiative on clearing off of church from "neosergianstvo".


to all arch-priests, pastors, clergymen, cloisterers and all true children of Sacred Orthodox Church

We, clergymen, cloisteres, laymen of the Anadir-Chukchi diocese led by ours arch-pastor and father Lordship bishop Diomid address to all true children in Christo of Orthodox Church.

Our message is caused by that pain and grief which are in the souls of all sincerely aspiring rescue orthodox Christians. This message is made up in pursuance of words of Jesus Salvator: "If your brother will sin against you, go and convict him when you are alone; if he will listen to you, you have got your brother; if he will not listen, take with you one or two more so that from mouths of two or three witnesses every word be proved to be true; if he will not listen to them, tell to the church; and if he will not listen to the church, let him be as a pagan and publican to you” (Mat. 18:15-17). February, 17.

At the present moment in the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Diocese, which members we are, there are a number of deviations from virginity of Orthodox dogma.

The first. The heretical doctrine of ecumenism aspiring contrary to words of the Scriptus, church canons and rules, patristic doctrine constantly gains in strength, going to unite all beliefs in one religion or, at least, to reconcile them "spiritually". Within the limits of this movement joint prays with heretics are made, heretics are present on orthodox divine service, thus 45, 46 and 65 Apostolic rules as well as 32, 33 and 37 of Laodicean cathedral are being broken.

Salutatory "brotherly" messages of orthodox to heterodox, contradicting to the words of Apostle St. John the Evangelist become frequent: "Who comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, that shouldn’t be accepted into the house and should not be welcome. For welcoming him participates in his malicious affairs" (2 John.1:10,11). Joint meetings and sessions contrary to the words of Divine Scripture take place: "Blessed is a man, as he does not go on advice impious" (Ps. 1:1.). "The heretic after the first and the second correction avert" (Tit. 3:10).

The second. Development of spiritual conciliation (neosergianstvo) subordinated church authority to civil, frequently anti-Christian to the detriment of freedom given by God. It contradicts the doctrine of Apostle Paul: "So be in freedom which was granted to us by the Christ and be not exposed again to a yoke of slavery" (Gal. 5:1). "If I still pleased people I would not be the slave of Christ" (Gal. 1:10). It is the main reason of participation of church figures in ecumenism, approval of globalization by them and further substitution of church organization to the unified world leader.

The third. Silent accordance instead of conviction of anti-public policy of the present authority leading to the ruin of the state, demographic crisis and other negative consequences.

The fourth. The justification and blessing of personal identification of citizens at the erroneous statement that acceptance of external signs and symbols imposed by new time cannot damage the soul without its conscious renunciation of the God. The precise tendency of discrimination of believers by a principle of disagreement with processes of globalization (existence of the old passport, refusal from INNfor the temples, monasteries). Practice of not initial measures of church punishments to priests and cloisterers: prohibition in holy service, removal from the place of service, etc

Thefifth. Approvalofthedemocracy. Appeal to voting for definite political leaders despite church canons and infringing synodic oath of 1613.

The sixth. Carrying out of interreligious summit with the reference to leaders of "G8" that is a recognition of their authority. "G8" is a body of the world Masonic government, prepares appearance of uniform world leader, i.e. of antiChrist. Therefore any cooperation with them is spiritually dangerous. According to archbishop Averky (Taushev): "It is necessary to remember and know: true ChristChurchcannot proclaim and approve any lie and enter fellowship or cooperation with enemies of Christ! Therefore all those bishops, clergymen and laity who participate in this lie and in this or that way make friends or cooperate with enemies of our God and Salvator are – “orthodox” only by the name”.    

The seventh. On the last summit of religious leaders in the final document signed by all gathered representatives of religious faiths belief in one "Supreme" was testified: "We shall keep world commanded by Supreme!". We do not consider that we have one "Supreme" with Yahuds, Moslems and other religions and doctrines. Our Lord said about Yahuds that "your father is a devil; and you wish to execute lusts of your father" (John.8:44). Moslems consider Allah as "supreme" while the Son of God – simple prophet, the Lord says: “I am a pathway, truth and life: nobody comes to Father the other way than though me” (John. 14:6). The same was taught by Apostles: "Who is the liar if not the one who rejects that Jesus is the Christ? It’s antiChrist rejecting the Father and the Son. Everyone rejecting the Son has no the Father; while professing the Son has also the Father" (1 John. 2:22-23). "And every spirit which does not profess Jesus Christ who has come in the flesh is not from the God but it is spirit of the antiChrist" (1 John. 4:3). "One Lord, one belief, one christening" (Eph.4:5). Appeal of religious leaders including representatives of the ROC of MD who have signed this document is: “To respect and accept each other notwithstanding religious, national and other differences”.  Here we see contradiction to Evangelicalism: “Who comes to you and do not bring this doctrine, shouldn’t be accepted into the house and shouldn’t be greeted” (2 John. 1:10).

The eighth. We express disagreement with the official application on the central TV about unity of moral values of Orthodoxy, Judaism, Islamism and Catholicism. This is a false opinion. We cannot have uniform moral values with modern Judaism and its moral code of the Talmud according to which all people except for Jews are - "goy". We also cannot have uniform moral values with Islamism accepting, for example, polygamy. We cannot have uniform moral values with Catholicism and its moral of Society of Jesus.

The ninth. We are anxious and do not agree with violation of a principle of collegiality in connection with long absence of convocation of local council and transfer of its major functions to a bishops’ council. So, under the charter of 1988: "In the Russian orthodox church the higher authority in the field of dogma, church management and church court - legislative, executive and judicial - belongs to the Local Council". Under the charter of 2000: "Bishops’ Council is the supreme body of hierarchical management of the Russian Orthodox Church”.

In conclusion of our message we ask and beg before all Christ Church arch-pastors, pastors, cloisterers and laymen involved this or other way to the listed above deviations from cleanliness of evangelical, dogmatic, initial dogma to pass over from a way of deviation and to bear fruits worthy repentances. Let all of us be uniform in cleanliness of orthodox belief.

We address also to all sons of the Russian Orthodox Church with an appeal to support our reference. Baptism of Christ, 2007.

Lorship bishop of Anadir and Chukotka Diomid

Hegumen Elijah (Empulev)

Priest Sergius (Bakharev)

Priest Eugenius (Pilipenok)

Monk Gavrilo (Larionov)

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