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Will Russia Become Islamic State to the Middle of the 21st Century?

Will Russia Become Islamic State to the Middle of the 21st Century?

Recently there was quite an entertaining article of Roman Jokh in Czech edition of «MF DNES» which we in translation of «Inosmi» propose to our readers. 

Whether the Russians Understand What Threatens Russia in Reality?

The president Putin and his militarians announce that the American radar in Czechia and ten interceptors of Ballistic Missile Defense in Poland represent threat to Russia which it will answer appropriately. It is full bosh and they know about it. Proceeding from there are 10 interceptors let's count how many attacking rockets they can bring down? Ou are right, ten. Russia has approximately 780 carriers of the nuclear weapon (rockets, bombers, submarines) and about 5700 nuclear warheads, 3300 of them strategic ones.

It means that the American Ballistic Missile Defense system in the Central Europe is not directed against Russia but is called to protect the Europe and the USA from that small number of rockets which can be launched from the Near East.

That is this system in no way weaken defensive and offensive potential of Russia. And the Russian perfectly know that they lie calling it a threat. But whether they understand what threatens Russia in Reality?

Russia disbands. In 1992 its population made 148 million people, in 2015 it would be 130 million and in 2050, probably, only 85 million - that is less than the population of Yemen by the time.

In Russia (as well as, for example, in Italy and Czechia) there are 1.2 children per one woman, while in Yemen 6.7. 70 % of the general number of pregnancies is being interrupted in Russia. Average life expectancy of Russian men makes up 59 years - that is less than in Bangladesh.

At the same time in Russia the quantity of people infected by virus of AIDS promptly increases. So, by estimations 1% of population of the country is carrier of virus, that is annually from 250 up to 750 thousand of the Russians will die from AIDS! What does it mean for Russia? 16 million representatives of endangered people live in Siberia rich with natural resources. In overpopulated and poor with resources China live one and a half billion people, at that there the number of young men is 20 million higher than young women. How will these young men solve the problem of deficit of brides? Where will they rush to? How long Siberia can remain Russian in case of massive migration of Chinese? Who in this situation will help Russia to keep its territorial integrity near to China? To see threat for Russia in NATO is - full absurdity! Meanwhile membership of Russia in NATO as protection against China cannot be in opinion of the Russians absurd in any way! However it won't all the same protect Russia. The population of Moscow makes up 10 million, two million of them, that is a quarter are - Moslems.

The Slavs grow old and die out, Moslems, on the contrary, are young and have a lot of children. For last 15 years the number of Moslems in Russia has increased for 40 %. Seven from ten pregnancies of the Russian women end with abortion, Moslem women do not do abortions. Not Moslems bury their lives in a glass of vodka.

There will be more and more Moslems among young inhabitants of Russia. From the demographic point of view it means that in 2050 Russia will be mainly Islamic country. And already in 2015 (already in 8 years!) the majority of soldiers of the Russian army will be... Moslems. What will it result in? To quiet and peaceful transformation in multicultural, generally Islamic society? To civil war on the sample of Bosnian, only large-scale? To Islamic revolution? To increase of separatism similar to the Chechen one?

Dzhohar Dudaev in fact also was the Soviet general (flied in strategic bombers) till the time he realized that he was the Chechen and a Moslem. Probably, he was the first but far not the last from the Russian command whom it came to mind. Anyhow, by 2050 Russia will become mainly Islamic country possessing the nuclear weapon. If I were Russian loving civilization of Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsin I would be very strongly anxious for the future of the country. But among things that will arise my fear for the future of Russia there will be no Western antimissile defense. There will not be such thing at all. Among these things I would mention something quite different.  

In 1571 the Crimean Tatar-Moslems burnt Moscow. Probably, to the 500th anniversary of this event not Moscow will be the capital of Russia but Bakhchisarai which used to be a capital of the Crimean khanate. And Russia will not be called Russia any more. 

From editorial staff: The point of view stated by the Czech newspaper is popular enough in the West. Its point is that that sources of strategic threats for the Russian Federation ostensibly are, firstly, the Chinese expansion in the direction of sweepingly becoming empty Siberia and the Far East and, secondly, so called islamisation both due to the inflow of immigrants from Central Asia and Azerbaijan and due to higher than in Russia speed of growth of Moslem population of Russia.  

Really, at keeping of current trends Eastern Siberia and the Far East in due course even without war can become Chinese. But what output is proposed to avoid it? It would seem, the Russian authorities should be seriously worried and take scale measures supported by the finance (it's a blessing there are petrodollars) on repeated settling and economic development of the eastern part of the Russian Federation.

But, however, nobody for some reason is engaged in it. And the West also does not call us to it. But calls us, as a matter of fact, to transfer the USA and NATO the responsibility for prevention of potential Chinese expansion using military methods. That, it is not difficult to guess, also means actual internationalization of Eastern Siberia and the Far East inevitably including transfer of natural and power resources under "international control" in the name of the same West.

As to the second - "Islamic threat" then in the long term Russia, quite probably, will really become mainly Islamic country, will be transformed into multicultural, generally Islamic society. Some people don't see any tragedy in it. Other, on the contrary, consider "Rusistan" as the greatest harm and the Moslems of Russia composing today 15 % of its population - enemies.

But if these Tatars are guilty that being in approximately identical conditions Russian women give birth rarely and Russian men drink more? Unless the Chechens get them accustom to drinking? And why Muscovites of a Slavic nationality do not go on low-paid and not prestigious work such as yard keepers or cleaners while coming Tadjiks and Kirghiz agree?

The most important is what output is offered from this? As a matter of fact, none. Instead aggressive islamophobia is being inspired, national and interdenominational enmity and antagonism is being excited between peoples of Russia. And this is the most effective way to provoke ruin and liquidation of the Russian Federation.

Natalya Roeva, member of editorial board of «FORUM.msk»

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