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British Authorities Clearly under Beresovsky’s Order Prosecute the Son of the Vice-Premier Zhukov Aiming to Humiliate Great Russia

British Authorities Clearly under Beresovsky’s Order Prosecute the Son of the Vice-Premier Zhukov Aiming to Humiliate Great Russia
British «Times» published an article about sad incident with the son of the vice-premier of the government of the Russian Federation, member of «Edinaya Russia» Alexander Zhukov which you can find below.

The Son of the Russian Vice-Premier Beat the Banker from City

The son of the vice-premier of the Russian Federation got involved in a drunk scuffle as a result of which the banker from City had to put 25 stitches. 24-years old Peter Zhukov, the son of Alexander Zhukov, stroke several blows on the head and body of Ben Ramsi after the last tried get into the Russian party without invitation.

The police found 25-years old Ramsi on sidewalk near to an apartment house in London. He was all over in blood, public prosecutor Richard Milne declared in court.

He was delivered to the hospital where he was put five stitches on a cheek and twenty on a lower lip. Among his traumas are - broken cheekbone, cuts on a nape, two broken fins, swelled jaw, bruises on hands, shoulders, breasts and legs.

The bloody trace led to a door of an apartment where was found Zhukov, who is also the investment banker. His shirt was dirty with blood. Ramsi, working on the Japanese investment company, lived in the next apartment and together with the friend Barry White tried to join themselves to the party after they heard loud music.  

Scuffle was presumably set when a friend of Zhukov 27-years old Artem Dashko, the owner of an apartment, tried to convince them to return him beer and leave. Milne told in Crown Court of Southwark: "Dashko stroke Ramsi on the head without notice. He bled but Dashko continued to beat him".

"Zhukov interfered to stop scuffle and tried to stop Dashko. It proceeded not for long, soon Zhukovstarted to beat Ramsi. They continued to beat him even after he fell to the ground". Denis Virin, 23 years old who was together with Zhukov and Dashko, as it became known in the court, also rushed to Ramsi. He also was charged. Ramsi lost conscience and then when he came to his senses lifted of the toes and went out of the house. His friend called to the police and three men were arrested.

Incident took place in July of the last year. When the police arrested Dashko and Zhukov, both were drunk and had scratchs on hands, however the son of the vice-premier declared that he acted within the limits of self-defense. He said that the scuffle was between Dashko and Ramsi and he tried to separate them, but lost control and struck Ramsi when the last began to behave aggressively. Dashko, Zhukov and Virin had been drinking beer and vodka from 19:30 and listened to traditional Russian music that evening.

Zhukov who lives in Western Hampstead denies charge in illegal attack on Ramsi and infliction of bodily injuries. Dashko is from Islington has admitted his guilt and expects a verdict. 26-years Ramsi told the juryman that he thought that he was attacked "by serious criminals, drug-dealers or smugglers". He told that before the incident he drank five pints of beer and a half-bottle of wine.

Hearing proceeds.

From editorial staff: Just recently unanimously avocates of sovereign democracy were indignant by persecutions of the chapter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France who nowadays is the candidate for President Nikol Sakosi against Russian businessman Michael Dmitrievich Prokhorov. As you know, Michael Dmitrievich spent money fairly earned on people in the All-Russia health resort - Courchavel. Sarkosi took him for nothing. For sure it was done under the order of Berezovsky, Nevslin and Kasyanov-kasparov-Limonov who waste no chance to humiliate Great Russia which has at last got up at Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.  

Hardly we recovered ourselves from shock, when new provocation takes place, probably, from Belkovsky which becomes an answer to the strict rebuff of heroic Ingush Special Police Force to the Moscow march of not consent. 25-years old Peter Aleksandrovich Zhukov undergoes severe persecutions, he works heavily to earn a slice of bread and tin of "Klinskoe" in unbearable conditions of London and, obviously, manages to render feasible material aid to his father - prominent edinoross - who becomes impoverished seeing duty to the sovereign.

Meanwhile, Peter Aleksandrovich, as it was found out is - a young man of high spirituality. According to mass-media, father and son Zhukovs were in structure of the Russian delegation which in the beginning of April visited Jerusalem for Easter. There they received Fertile fire and prayed at the Holy Sepulcher. Several weeks were left before the trial and now it's not a secret any more what the father and the son asked the God for - Peter Aleksandrovich "is waiting" for 5 years.

Tricky question to make a conclusion to avocates of sovereign democracy who are overwhelmed by the sense of pride for putin's Great Russia::

Who or what is better - Michael Prokhorov or Nikol Sarkosi? Peter and Alexander Zhukovs or British Court? «Edinays Russia» or State Department of the USA?

Natalya Roeva, a member of editorial staff of «FORUM.msk»
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