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Being and Beating

Being and Beating
Cherny Dmitry 24.04.2007

So, they are flogging. As they say, ours are beaten - that is directly from last reports-news from Himky, the end of the week found out to be the same as well as after the March of not consent. It means - "beat, are beating and shall beat"? The theme of the day, to be exact of the evening forced me to analyze this dull (the same meaning with a word "baton") "democratic" (the same root with a word democratization) situation (from the sense of a word-combination "surrounded by Special Police Force).

While Pavlovsky quacks from the skived telescreen about great nudism under nickname Putinship, Komsomols are simply beaten. What for? Because they acted on meeting against defilement of tombs of heroes of Soviet Union - against commercially expedient carry of ashes of soldiers. Here you are. It's forbidden to be against in general. Even against such things, if they are not authorized.

It's then interesting to ask and who are the ones that beat? For the transferal of bones of ancestors to the place where petty bourgeois and it prostitute-administration will order? Militia has nothing to answer. They simply beat and then drink vodka. And beat again. Not for the sake of money, the salary is insignificant and will not grow - probably, for the sake of some high idea they beat and drink. For the sake of "Russian idea", perhaps, for the sake of sacred statehood? What will conservative Prokhanov say to it?

How little time you, Native land, needed to start to give birth to gendarmes again - precisely the same as they used to be before revolution! In the same slovenly grey outfits. With the same blurred physiognomies, with same bulked up with vodka piglet-eyes, with the same big-bellied bearing. We, Marxists, certainly, see basis in everything. Capitalism, prostitution ... But it is impossible not to notice cleanly aesthetic similarity. In fact they all studied at the Soviet schools, had time to be pioneers - gendarmes ... Where did it go to? I even don't speak about ideas - we, metropolitan pioneers, didn't have them in plentitude. But some kind of culture which was so studiously and according to the standard taught in all, even country schools according to (horrible - liberals will scream) pattern - this culture of respect of human dignity should have been remain? No, nothing's left. "No answer"...

It's desirable to see behind all this tendentiously occuring (beatings of heterodoxes) not the concrete reason for the protest (though the one arises first of all) but something greater - so that this greater exposed under the sun, to the socially-conscious level to finish off. Not using force. By virtue of a word ... Idea. Which being subjective-uttered can be a lie but socially-divided is - already ideology.

Terror is not all-mighty. As well as "administrative resource" which was recognized even by administrative steering Surok teaching edinorossy "to go to people" making thus the audience to laugh more than at the joint with Agatha Christie cocaine album. As well as gentle school past of present rough Cops trying to behold in Soviet past, we shall risk to track evolution of "security officials" as those - not having in mind concrete departments. Meaning such special, closed enough social group.

Militia? Yes, by tradition. Though it became militia from imperial police in 1917, though before the October. It was the sign of a democratic character, reform - its name emphasized novelty. Though the militia at Kerensky times was engaged basically in a joint robbery with gangsters - besides if to trust some historians among whom there are no non-partisan. After the Great October militia and the Cheka were enlisted anew. What present FSB has with security officers without commas in general? You are right - nothing.

Militia as a form of organization of protection of socialist legality structures - began as a horizontal, at that the best guys from workers were directed there, not everybody. There was a "positive" selection, to say intricate. Now - negative. On the basis of - others will not go, so let these ones to flog. Well and Varangian principle - it's easier to work far away from home.

Screaming about Bolsheviks' terror always hold back something. For example, that mopping ups, reprisals, struggle with contra - were not someone's personal terror, revenge. Though it could be treated as cumulative revenge, class one. And to agree here or to disagree with a class position or with methods, that undoubtedly is easier and more liberally. But when the destiny of the unique, without sisters and brothers revolution is in your hands - then there is no way to liberalism. Here you have time only for mauser. And here where I want to find both the main distinction and some exterior resemblance of "red" and three-color terror.

Chekists who hunted for contra, agents of investigations, wreckers had main, one for all aim - to defend and protect construction of socialism. To save this ant hill which has been constructed during all years of civil war and industrialization from fire, from ruin - so that the ant hill has grown to communism where there will be neither security officers, nor thieves. But there was in the ant hill such a law which did not distinct security officers from those whom they protected. Security officers came back in the municipal apartments and lived together with other Soviet citizens pulling the chain in the toilets, smoking cigarettes on the balcony. The class unity of Soviet people, "salary transparency", perhaps - that was the justification, support of "red" terror, it was not propaganda. Words are words, but people are not the fools - they perfectly understand what protects them and what ruins. People mopped up from contra in 1930 grew in its number by accelerated tempo - here the poison of liberals does not function. Not like in our time - it looks as if there is no terror but people still dies out. Yes, in the long term at collision of treatments, charges and justifications of class terror a lot of people didn't thank chekists for their steel will and zeal. However, that were already the sprouts of contra. One shouldn't't forget about it. We have not socialism now, the ones that ruined ant hill had some purpose? Then one shouldn't wave off labels. Contra.

Having on the one hand current problems - to keep order in the country of socialism, security officers always had in the long term, in the dream which justified lot global purpose - to protect society up to communism. As used to say the Petersburg security officer by the surname Bear (not the relative neither of Medvedev or Putin) on the rutted highway of one of the camps of re-education of a criminal element, "We shall build communism no matter what it will cost us". It costed him life - he also was subjected to repression. But communism didn't come because of it and not because the end doesn't justify the means - perestroika burst into poisonous rain of free speech.  

Well we know what was further. KGB as avant guarde of the CPSU ceased to be necessary, stayed in itself for a long time, then became FSB and at the end gave birth to our sovereign. One may ask, whether this regenerated, renamed mechanism an idea - similar to the one that chekists had without commas?

I think that having answered this question, we'll have a bad shot. As to me I imagine it to be the following.

What occurs to chain dog which had skulked in its box while the house was burning? Well, it becomes homeless, as a rule - if it survives. In fact it had survived. Who will get it now? Well, may be the one who will build a new house ...

Not everything is so polarly - the metaphor withdraws from realities. Dogs and owners often varied roles. But the meaning of service after counterrevolution became, whatever one may do, counterrevolutionary. It's not possible any longer to cover fat asses of oligarches by the phrase "we protect native land"! And there thre are not only asses of oligarches, there are also prohorov's ... asses... And all these are being protected by proud crest cleared off the hook and hammer. How beautiful!

Well, let's try to see the best here also - a pier, we protect not oligarches, we protect people. From whom? Well from it - from parties existing in it, from different ideas ... And what is the idea which is being protected? Here the phrase of Yevstigneyev's hero from "The Old Style New Year" always drunk recollects itself: "What do you want? What you have!".

That is law and order should remain the same as it used to become having degraded from socialist. Whether it is good for the majority - is not being discussed. Here you are a phenomenon of postSoviet society of security officials: if after revolution all power structures were created anew and new people came there, in present, counterrevolutionary ones old ones work and they had to go through hard intellectual perturbations. But as a result they are assured that the truth is on their side. The march of not consent - these are intrigues of the West! Communists have meeting - these are damned cows!

Well, so who are your people of the future? Who are those for the sake of whom all this disorder is being made? It's a shame to name them. And here no demagogy will help. About constitutional mode, domination of the order. There is hierarchy in the society. And there, where nobody wears peak-caps but wears all haute couture and from boutiques, where Mum Collective Fund and oligarches Scoffs flying on fashionable Cadillac - here you are the top of an Olympus. Here you are the place where all the vents which represent former economy of the former USSR are situated. All national idea of 40 years - is a vent. We will supply gas to the Europe - and that is all. And no politics. That is - the bright idea of the dark future.

Security officials protecting a mode of the vent - protect only the border. All that is inside - stabilization. So that poor remains poor and rich grew richer. Nobody should try, nowhere to go, watch TV at home. Here you are the result. I think that those Dobermann terriers from "Buratino" that suspected themselves in state treason - had more reasonable ideas. And those who are below security officials, that is security officials from militia who are paid not thousand but hundreds, who grasp Komsomols in electrichka and beat as skinheads guest workers - those don't have any future. However as well as those who are higher.

Terror is senseless in itself, especially when there is no social idea behind it shared by the majority. Moreover, such terror is disastrous for the mode itself, it evokes social anger and it's not a smoke, it could not disperse. If Pavlovsky trusts middle class as in God - it's a deadlock of ideology and a full ambiguity for security officials. Security officials are socially divided - some of them flowed away with Rosneft to the richer banks, other remained in cabinets under portrait of Dzerzhinsky. To lead and think. The period of silent accordance is finishing - not by itself, but by the efforts of not consent. The most interesting will follow - further.
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