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Anility Is – Not a pleasure. The Ministry of Finance Guarantees Pensioners Only Poverty

Vladimir Dyuzhy 29.05.2007

Trade unions again demanded from the government beggarly "worthy" pension. The action in which more than two hundred thousand people took part all over Russia was officially named "For Worthy Pension". In Moscow about seven thousand people stood in alive circuit from the House of the government up to the State Duma. And what is surprising is that - the requirements of people protesting were heard. The speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov on behalf of fraction "Edinaya Russia" and the leader of trade unions Michael Shmakov even signed the agreement, on which edinorosses are obliged to appeal to the government with the proposal to bring to the ratification the 102nd convention of the International Labour Organization. Thereupon both parties - both protesting and the authority - parted peacefully, satisfied with each other. Thus the following "small nuance" somehow remained to be not noticed. Actually nobody promised worthy pension to the Russians. Deputies only undertook to ask to submit the government this question for consideration. And no more than that. So, the main question now is, whether the government will do it? And the answer to this question is already known - it won't.

It was unambiguously declared two days prior to the trade-union action by the Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin. Till 2020 the size of pension in Russia will make no more than 25 percent from the wage, he declared. He also advised citizens to make so that to save savings on a worthy old age. At that 25 percent is - a maximum that the Ministry of Finance can promise. Minister specially made a reservation that he can GUARANTEE no more than 20 percent. Generally, replacement rate of 40 percent (that is the name of the correlation between the pension and the wage) is being considered minimum by the International Labour Organization. 70% is a level which it recommends.

In the developed countries, our government likes to be look at while establishment of prices and tariffs, it is approximately so. In Spain and Italy - 90 percent. In the USA, France, Germany, Japan - from 50 up to 65 percent. In the USSR the factor made from 50 up to 70 percent. In Russia in 2000 it decreased to 38 percent, in 2006 - up to 27. Kudrin promises to lower it up to 20 percent. By estimations of the Pension fund itself, by 2010 the factor of replacement will make only 15%, 2020 - 10.

It's like in a known proverb: no matter will you protest or not - all the same you will receive... What exactly you will receive - the chapter of the Ministry of Finance quite clearly explained. Nothing except for aggravated poverty the Ministry of Finance does not guarantee to the Russian pensioners. Do you know why Kudrin does not want to give money to somebody but for Stabilization Fund? Because he doesn't have such a target! We simply incorrectly decipher the name the Ministry of Finance! We think that this is the Ministry of Finance and its main aim is to find the best way put up money for social expenses of the state. But actually it's not at all the Ministry of Finance! It's the Ministry of the minimal financing! And its main aim is not to provide normal financing of social charges but to finance them on a minimum, by all means not to give money to people but invest them into Stabilization Fund and to the development of economy of the USA and the Europe. So we should not to scold but to praise Alexey Leonidovich. He copes with this problem excellently. Well, he doesn't care that the pension of the Russians will be beggarly. In the proper sense of the word.

Under the special Law for officials about provision of pensions for officials he personally will receive the pension of 75 percent from earnings. The same concerns all the officials all over Russia. If, under his official declaration, in 2005 he received 100 thousand roubles a month, let's count what his pension will be.
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