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Zyuganov’s Axe

Zyuganov’s Axe
Piontkovsky Andrey 30.06.2007
Recently I took part in radiodiscussion with the deputy of the Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Kravts and one of the Kremlin political scientists. It was a question of a role of mass-media in forthcoming election campaign. Very quickly we found with comrade Kravts common language and opposed mister political scientist together. To do it was easy and pleasant because I remembered well how Kravets appeared on television while we were permitted to appear there. He always consistently and essentially defended freedom of speech including the times of crisis with NTV.

By the way, the main role in strangehold of NTV - key event on a way to establishment of exclusive authority of the authoritative and shamelessly corrupted mode - played, as everyone remembers, not left and not awful chekists, but zondercommand of ultraliberal marauders headed by the favourite of Union of Right Forces Alik Kokh.

Kravets then was, as I can recollect, the secretary on ideology at the communists and his position inspired hope that evolution of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation would lead to the appearance of modern Left-wing party in Russia.

About two years ago Institute of Problems of Globalization of Michael Deljagin carried out scientific-practical conference on which representatives of all oppositional forces - from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation up to "anti-Chubajs Wing" of the Union of Right Forces (Ivan Starikov then a member of the Union of Right Forces) were present. I represented at this conference "yabloko" and said in particular that we were all different but we should acquire together one important lesson of tragical history of Russia of last century. It consists in the fact that values which we proclaim - freedom, social fairness and patriotism - don't contradict to each other but vise versa organically complete each other. And every attempt to sacrifice one of these values for the sake of the others leads to the loss of all of them.

Approximately at the same time the site FORUM.msk was created, a group of talented and bright analysts, people of the left belief: Michael Deljagin, Anatoly Baranov, Anton Surikov, Vladimir Filin, Natalia Roeva, Ruslan Saidov - became its creative core. Companionable and inter-regardful relations developed between us, despite of the difference in opinions on many questions. We are united with spirit of creative freedom and organic aversion of ruling "elite" of officials-businessmen.

When Administration of FSB of Krasnodar and Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow accused me in "extremism" and "kindling of national and social discord", my party "Yabloko" and editorial board of "Forum" which declared that "in relation to freedom, including freedom of speech, we in Russia have only two camps - those who struggles for freedom and those who strangehold it" - supported me publicly.

The communist Anatoly Baranov, one of the first who made a stand for me, was not so lucky with party. It was his own party - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - to be more precise, its management which brought against him more idiotic charges than even in my case.

The political consciousness of the management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, obviously, was conserved on conspirated in Komsomol youth "Brief Course of History of All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks". They accused Anatoly Baranov in a crime even more awful in their eyes than extremism - in Trotskyism.

It's impossible to comment intellectual side of such a charge. Yes, there was inner-party struggle between Trotsky and Stalin in the 20th years of the last century. It ended, by the way, Trotsky's full rout and a full victory of its program on destruction of the Russian peasantry which was taken and realized with ruthless cruelty by Stalin. What relation it has to the problems of today?

But there is also a moral side of a charge in Trotskyism or "neo-Trotskyism". In the 30th years millions Soviet people were shot or sent to the camps on the forged charge in "Trotskyism". Including that collective farmer Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about, who complained that she "never approached a tractor".

What historical deafness or, vise versa, what genetic memory grinded on punishments one should posses to pull out a word "neo-Trotskyism". It gives out a secret dream about "neo-repressions" which can't be hidden neither by the Kremlin political scientists - from nazi Dugin up to provocateur Pavlovsky - nor Krasnodar Administration of FSB or, as it is found out now, management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.  

With Stalin in the head and with an axe Central Control Committee atilt they fall upon all creative and free in own party.

We are in one camp with Anatoly Baranov and his friends. For the present in a camp of those who struggle for Freedom being free. The Kremlin with Zyuganov is - in other: in a camp of those who strangehold Freedom, in a camp of nigger-drivers.

From editorial staff: We simply humanly are grateful to Andrey Piontkovsky for the fact that he hasn't kept silent. Nowadays it's not be little, in the times which so terribly reminds other time, fortunately, familiar to us only by books - to act in someone's protection. Unfortunately, the party showed that before to reform a society, it needs to change itself seriously first. It can think about revolution now, when it is in the kind it uses to be. What revolutions can happen when 1% of a party talk frank bosh and 99% sit and wait who from them will be tomorrow proclaimed as "neo-Trotskyist", deviationist or somebody else.

We can imagine "freedom", "parity" and "fellowship" which such party can give us. Though the slogan "Liberte, egalite, Fraternite" is, probably, also "neo-Trotskyist"...

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