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As They Made Us Blind

As They Made Us Blind
Oleg Sultanov 16.09.2007

After the old government and specially for new prime-minister we publish reflections of the journalist about the last bluff on the last (for the old cabinet) "Governmental Hour" in the State Duma of Russia.


On September, 11th Health and Social Development Minister of Russia M. Zurabov made a report "About Measures Taken by the Government on Prevention of Social Trouble of Children and Maintenance of Their Safety" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation at "Governmental Hour". To listen to Michael Zurabov - a heart rages. It turns out that during the first quarters of the current year women of our country gave birth to more children than it was for the first six month of the year 2006, the difference made up 5.3%.


Mister Zurabov advanced so impressing parameter to the members of the parliament with such a pride as if he personally helped young women to adjust a cycle of smooth nine-monthly transition in a category of birthing mothers. The percents being so hotly promoted by the minister exposed publicly on display, probably, according to a plan of the main "physician" of the country, should convince Russians that our state, owing to Zurabov, experiences nowadays some "medical miracle".


Dear readers, let's agree with the lecturer and name this "miracle" Janus. Well, yes, the one which has two faces. One of them looks in the face of people from the State Duma, to the government, the president and broadcasts with the help of the executive Zurabov that "as a whole assignments for payment of grants were increased more than 6 times: from 8,6 billion roubles from the means of Social Insurance Fund in 2006 up to 53,9 billion roubles in 2007".


Captivated by ZUrabov's balancing act with billions deputies learned from the report of the minister that in all subjects of the Russian Federation mass inspection of newborns on 5 hereditary diseases (earlier - 2) was organized, the volume and availability of hi-tech medical service to mothers and children was also increased. For the first half-year of 2007 infantile death rate has decreased up to 9,4 on 1000 children born alive (for similar period of 2006 the parameter made 10,6).


From such general figures one wants to dance joyfully and prompt the president at once that it is necessary to recognize Zurabov as the best Minister of Health of all times and people; it is possible, besides, appointed him to a rank of the Hero of Russia for the health of people of the country Michael Jurevich fights as a lion.


But before breaking into a dance, we shall look upon the second face of Janus. For this purpose we for a while shall appropriate the eyes of "Edinaya Russia" - a party so dear to the authorities. Its wise leader Boris Gryzlov assured a couple of months ago (for what time?!) its flock and people in general: "I promise that Zurabov won't occupy a post of Minister!"


Well, it's a clear thing that all of us sometime shall stop to play social roles on this perishable Earth; it is a matter of time. The time which an official Zurabov treats rather freely, not burdening himself with obligation. For example, in the early spring of this year at selector meeting with regions he firmly promised that he would solve a problem of the delayed recipes within the limits of a program Additional pharmacological support of social security beneficiaries within two-three weeks. There spring passed, the summer came and gone, the autumn is outside. It's interesting, how many days the minister has in a week? I'll remind him that average citizen has 7 days...


Other parliamentary leader - the chapter of Council of Federation of Russia Sergey Mironov is in sympathy with the head of the lower chamber of Federal Assembly. On September, 11th when Zurabov was convincing the deputies of the State Duma that it became more cheerful to live, Sergey Mihajlovich was in Smolensk where he declared that the upper chamber of the parliament was going to reconsider the law about monetization of privileges, which execution, according to the speaker, is ugly.


I think, it is not necessary to bring to a focus persons of a concrete minister responsible for the law specified above? "Commercialization" of medical services sharply increased at Michael Jurevich repeatedly drew attention of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation which employees at checks of Health and Social Development Ministry and organizations subordinated to it creatively applied many clauses of the Criminal code of Russia. It is enough to recollect November of the last year when criminal scandal around Federal fund of obligatory medical insurance flared up and many nominees of our "national" minister found themselves imprisoned. But nothing happened to him - like water off a duck's back. Well, or - off a duck which the Chinese like to eat sitting before TV-set and watching a course of judicial session, for example, over the former chief of administration of medicines of China Chen Hsiaoyuj. The court recognized him guilty of corruption and sentenced to death-penalty.


As in May of the current year agency Reuters informed, " ... In the course of investigation it was found out, that Chen abusing duty status gave to some medical enterprises illegal preferences and also tolerated relatives in infringement of the law".


Oh, how ruthless these Chinese are! Or, may be therefore it's impossible to find false medicines in the Peoples Republic of China? What prevents our authorities to be ruthless to corrupted persons? Or - who? Only not to recollect laws. Federal Assembly of edinorossies can change laws in a moment - on a movement of eyebrows of the president. Somewhere along the Kremlin wall a thing story wanders that those eyebrows accepted almost perpendicular position when several months ago one respectable widow personally asked the guarantor not to put out Zurabov to grass. Ostensibly the eyebrows respectfully recovered: it was promised to an old woman that Michael Jurevich would ruefully create his "medical miracle" till September, 2007.


Well, what liars these "story-teller" are; half of September has passed and people in Russia continue to think over a role of Zurabov in the formation of medicine in the Russian Federation! Others "story-tellers", wandering along the walls of the White house, lie that Zurabov will be deprived of a post in few minutes but he has offered the Kremlin his candidates to this post, one of them is - the deputy head of Federal Service for Supervision in sphere of public health and social development A.Mladentsev.


Andrey Leonidovich is also "skilled physician"; he is radiophysics by profession, he is 39 years old. After the HIGH SCHOOL he started to work in 1992 as the head of department of securities in bank "Nizhniy Novgorod Banking House", then headed Joint-Stock Company "Regional Depository of Nizhniy Novgorod Area". From 1999 up to 2007 he worked as the general director of "Nizhfarm", Ltd, which 97,5% of shares were sold to the German company "STADA Arzneimittel AG" at Mladentsev. Well, if he doesn't suit to a post of the minister?!


... All Zurabov's "victories" in the Russian public health services are equivalent to defeats of our country in struggle against illnesses as there is not the physician sympathizing to sorrows of people in a ministerial armchair, but a person not overlaid with conscience who with cold calculus leads our medicine up to the fatal end. Whom it suits well, who is in sympathy with interests, aims and actions of the official who have led public health services to a deadlock? It, by the way, has not still received answers to such simple questions.


And in a view of this sad fact propaganda statements of Zurabov advertised by our obedient TV about self-denying contribution of the department headed by him to national medicine are ridiculous. It for some of our statesmen is a source of profit; the society is not blind, it perfectly sees that the union of the Kremlin and the officials who have compromised themselves is firm, has as its basis rather real calculations and aims which are not directed on the public good.
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