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One Way Ticket Which We Choose

One Way Ticket Which We Choose
Alexander Roslyakov 11.10.2007

Putin's today's rating makes me tremble. Higher - only stars, dearer - only Stalin. But Stalin was a pillar of idea - as well as Lenin, and Peter the Great, and protopope Avvakum dreamed to burn his enemies - and he would burn them, if they didn't burn him. Under these ones, no matter how to call them - titans or tyrants - we, mopping bloody sweat from the face surprised the world by our abnormal brain and other growth.


The motto was: "It is difficult now - happiness will come tomorrow!" - though, perhaps, the heavy road to tomorrow's happiness already was happiness. Con Solzhenitsin wrote to his wife from shock-work construction of "Rybinsk Motors" where then turbines to supersonic TU were made: "I feel myself a person here notwithstanding all household disorder and I am treated as a person. And I perform human work". May be he said lies under the censor - but, may be, he did not: neither Stalin's, nor Peter's records were possible without true feedback to frequently unbearable business.


But sooner or later - the nation became tired, as milked cow-top producer from its successes. The mania of eating up extracted before fruits bested over the mania of building and the slogan became: "The end to all promises, live well - now!"


Under it our wild as robber Kudejar, capitalism ascended - but instead of distribution of gratuitous elephants promised by it, people got itself under severe give away having remained without working places and pants. May be, this lesson would serve for future use to us having returned became topsy-turvy minds to working condition - but a miracle happened which, I think, nobody from our kudejars of the 90-th waited for. But it happened no as in a song spreading hope: "Suddenly the God wakened conscience of a cruel robber".


It was the price for our oil that ran high so, that we rose directly from a dunghill without any effort. And the God gave Putin a lucky chance to ascend on a throne just at the time of saving for parasites oil jerk. Besides he appointed by the forerunner got into mischief, appeared to be rather smooth, filtered, as beer, comme il faut on all external wrinkles. He goes as writes - and speaks, as if he the words wrote by himself! Our coarse people was bought into all glamour mask.


Though, I think, if the same oil delight happened during Yeltsin's time - he would also, notwithstanding all the lasciviousness, become a sample of glamour. The fact, obviously, was acknowledged by Putin - having made the funerals to the antipode on high, as if "for himself", level.


Similar curtsey, by the way, was ducked also to Stalin, who is trambled down today obviously more softly, eventually due to a hint from above. Brezhnev also began to shine more gently and Molotov, and even the chief of our first nuclear program Beria. It means, Putin still wants somehow to sustain from forerunners - as at Stalin's cult they raised an image of Ivan theTerrible and Peter the Great. But it is - an external layer, a core that we today don't do anything similar to Peter-Stalin's works, but start to live better! A dream directly from a fairy-tale about Emelya the Fool - to go to Sea of Marmara on a stove - became true. It wooed even the poor who look at the rich having won their happiness "for a tram ticket" - and believe that they also can receive such profit.

That is why now the most popular advertisement on TV is: just to buy a bottle of beer - and you will find under the cork that will be enough for the whole life! Send an sms from you mobile - and receive a car!


The whole people became covered with hoarfrost in that crystal enchantment as tsarevna sleeping in a coffin. Putin for it became better than Listiev who only promised with irresistable charm freebie of the wonderland - meanwhile Putin really gave it. Mavrodi, over who stiffed by him idiots wailed: "Do not imprison him only, he will return everything", became new genius, And Putin in reality right like unforgettable Lenya Golubkov without deceit and strain gave an opportunity to a wife to buy not even the shoes but the whole Ford-Focus! For us he, having beaten off bread of the actor Permjakov, became true Lenya Golubkov, supply of a sacred freebie. That long-awaited dream of all life a bewitching romance sings about: "Ah, if never would wake up again!" And malicious awakening, certainly, will not ever come - that is the myth people dressed by him in the Chinese cloths believe in. And all present intrigue with his successor, whom most of the people name personally him, is being done just in the key about never to wake up.


But sooner or later all dreams on the world come to an end - the one the country tired by former work has now gone into will end. It's not important - at his time or the time of the one whom he would appoint. But then everything will start going again on a century circle out of which we cannot get out.


When our oil will run low or alternative energy sources will kill demand for it, it will be tough to live - damn us! - to our children! They, with idleness imparted to them, would cast in lot with imperial nobility who lived from rent payments, whose only work was to be born and then received the whole life for it. Though there were a lot of geniuses among them in music, science and literature - but their belonging to the clan of guests didn't save them from cruel revenge of working majority.


Today we this or that way, willingly or involuntarily become the same idles class which profits are being produced by peasants busting ass in village and invited or unbidden migrants in city. And in the near future not as it was in 17-th when Russian beat Russian and reeled up hated guts on elbow, our guts would be reeled up on elbow of Rafshans and Dzhumshuts already got integrated in us. They will sweep off us with all the hatred that is being stored up in them not as a class - but as nation of the guests. As soon as now at the time of abnormal cerebral and other fall the biggest profit, respect and conditions to reproductions belong to...? Not to the engineer or the doctor - but the guest, the speculator, the corrupt cop, the rotten official and so on. It is - a chief layer, TV caresses and sings lullabies to it, politicians and moralists, legal experts and other solicitors serve its payment ability. Meanwhile poor genius promising in several years to create a new profitable product, will not be allowed to step into a threshold to the native businessmen fed by momentary and often curve feedback. For now we have the economic law - a taiga: criminals passed on corporate raid eat up everything that hasn't put its profit into protection racket.  


Who would invest something into high technology projects in such conditions? Meanwhile these geniuses are being bought up in bulk by perspicacious Bill Gateses - but using such mole alloy abroad of our brains which is greater, than their deportation at Lenin, we make the most idiotic turnout. Our best cram runs from us, grey but aggressive inside of itself working power plows ahead in exchange - an additional flank with gunpowder under us. All this makes unique nowadays Putin's rating. Though to what extend is it unique?


There was no alternative to Stalin, Khruschev, Brezhnev during their time among millions our citizens and minds. Old secretaries of regional committees rubbed the smartest away, so that in which case there would be nobody to replace them. And lonely among the tops erased by a present party rasp Putin's peak - is actually not a find for the country as today's sentry toadies assure but a loss.


Without a productive stock of leaders the country becomes similar to a tree with only one fruit without new sets. To takes one way ticket - is already a deadlock which neither imperial Russia, nor Soviet one failed to leave. Meanwhile they built unlike us - but failed from inability to change the track all the time rested in one not replaceable figure. There should be a lot of such real and not false figures on a bench - as, by the way, in all countries passed us on planes and cars.


The market without real competition, also imperous, which it became in our country at Putin - is the most unproductive model. It's even more fruitless than Soviet, without market one at which nevertheless we built planes - meanwhile now we buy written off Boeing. And this sleepy "there is no alternative" - is a narcotic, worse than pertrolic needle on which we, apparently, have once again gotten hooked on. How to kick the habit, to cut conscience in our top, fed from it sentries - that is, I think, "to be or not to be" question.
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