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To Increase a Livestock of the Russians

To Increase a Livestock of the Russians
Baranov Anatoly 15.10.2007

Vladimir Putin approved the concept of demographic policy till 2025. The Russian government is entrusted during the next three months to approve a plan of measures on realization of the concept in the nearest three years. Decrease of a death rate and increase of a level of birth rate as well as preservation and strengthening of health of the population, strengthening of institute of family and regulation of migration are included into the number of primary goals in the plan.


Why even the most correct idea, even formulated in the most correct way at once gets features of idiocy as it's articulated by the management of the country? May be anathema visited our country?


A target is being put - to stabilize population and to create conditions for its growth. At that it's necessary to make "plan of measures" during 3 months - and to realize these actions in 3 years.


Well, it's like, we fix object (one), dip trousers (two), occupy initial position (three)... Well, during 3 years the overwhelming majority of adult population and a conscious part of youth should be involved in the performance of "actions".


Or may be I do something wrongly?..


The document provides, that the problems of demography, firstly, should be solved in a complex, secondly, at all levels of authority - from municipal up to federal.


Whether it is correct that problems of demography should be solved at all levels of authority? And what about involvement of public organizations and separate active workers?


The government already knows, "demographic policy is based on three basic whales: it's an increase of birth rate, an increase of life expectancy and an increase of migratory inflow to the country. In each direction it is necessary to choose the most problem questions and then purposefully and consistently to solve them".

Well, there are no questions with an increase of birth rate - millions of conscious citizens are ready to solve "problem questions purposefully and consistently" right now: one, two, three!.. 


Meanwhile the matter with life expectancy is a little bit more complicated. I am sure that the government in general knows that people in the end of their life die and how to make so that they do it "purposefully and consistently" and 10 later, I think, is not known either to the Minister of Health economist Golikova or her predecessor engineer Zurabov, or other members of the new-old cabinet. Even Kudrin does not know though he is vice-premier.


Perhaps, only the matter with migratory inflow to the country is clear: if to replace badly breeding with short life expectancy Russians with prolific and unpretentious Tadjiks, it is possible to receive a good gain of a herd during short accounting period. It is felt that new prime minister has good agricultural education.


By preparation of concrete plan of actions "regional features and problems" will be considered. As to the country as a whole, priorities are placed as follows:


Paramount problem - reduction of a death rate and first of all in working age. It is foressen that the number of deaths should annually be reduced not less than to 2-3 percent. Why it will suddenly start to be reduced? In fact the government has rather vague idea about the reasons of early death rate of the Russian population. But even if during 3 months mentioned it will more or less clear up, financing of actions on elimination of these reasons in the current budget hasn't been allotted. What has been allotted is necessary to define first, where and for what purpose. Meanwhile reduction of death rate has been already rigidly planned - 2-3 % annually, including, clear thing, current year. Well, we remember that right after the task put by the president just few months passed and the birth rate somehow started to grow at once... One, two, three!..


The second major problem - reduction of a level of maternal and infant mortality rate, strengthening of reproductive health of the population, health of children and teenagers. It is planned that by 2025 maternal and infant mortality rate should be reduced not less, than twice. Well, for the period of 18 years it is quite realistic goal, it can be solved even earlier, approximately during 10 years. But then these actions have no relation to results which are planned to have in 3 years.


Then what can have?


Such measures as: "... preservation and strengthening of health of the population, increase of duration of active life, creation of conditions and formation of motivation for conducting healthy way of life, essential decrease of the level of disease incidence with socially significant and representing danger for surrounding diseases, improvement of quality of life of the patients suffering chronic diseases and invalids".


That is it is necessary to propagandize that it's better to be rich and healthy, than poor and sick? Obviously, it will be apprehended by population with understanding and it will immediately cease to die as it does it now exclusively due to folly...


But what is the way the government is going to receive "essential decrease of the level of disease incidence with socially significant and representing danger for surrounding diseases"? The answer to a question "How?" is absent. Growth of case rate with such dangerous for the surrounding people, absolutely social disease as white plague has threatening speed. But in fact what is "social disease"? It's a disease which directly depends on social conditions. Social conditions in Russia have worsened - case rate with white plague has grown. In the Ukraine social conditions have even more strongly worsened - and case rate with white plague there is 2 times higher. Return 2 million homeless children in families, reduce number of prisoners in 2-3 times, create more or less human conditions of life for the rest and white plague will be reduced proportionally by yours real (and not false) strains.


Ischemic heart disease remains the murderer number 1 in the country. The first vice-premier Medvedev has not long time ago noted that the number of CABG operations in Russia is 20 times less, than in the Europe and than it is necessary. But to bring the number of these operations to the European level (and here correlation with death rate from ischemic heart disease is practically 100 percent), it is necessary not only to invest enormous means into  training of doctors, in creation of conditions for carrying out of such operations mass up to the level of central district hospital - the time is also needed, it's not possible to do it during 3 years.


There is no saying about oncology - this theme is so closely connected with ecology in mass scale that it is necessary to speak about ecological improvement practically of all territory of the huge country that is unreal in so short term and is hardly within the powers even of today's Russian budget.


Thus, only migrants remain. To improve a breed, to improve a herd... Perhaps, this is the only thing that is possible to make quickly and rather cheaply.
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