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What Does It Mean "To Live Well"?

What Does It Mean "To Live Well"?
Jury Mukhin 31.08.2010

«I, as representative of junior generation, have to You, as to the representative of senior generation a question. You talk a lot how well you liver at Stalin in the Soviet Union. I want to ask what representatives of Your generation and You personally made to prevent from the ruin of the USSR? What could we do now? I want to say that if You let the USSR ruin, may be you were not interested in it? What good things were there that you are going all out now? I have nothing to compare, I was born in 1986 and I can't understand your "nostalgia for Stalin". Dmitry

What doe it mean "to live well"?

If to talk about quantity of stuff every citizen of Stalin USSR had, then it's possible to make a conclusion that people live worse than today at Stalin - they simply had no time to build such life which would make it possible to produce that amount of stuff and means of its production which they gathered for 65 years of peaceful time.

For those who didn't see happiness in accumulating stuffs was happy with fairness and assurance in their future and future of their children reigning in the country at Stalin.

You lived in the country where it was possible to pass 10 000 km without meeting armed militia man and nobody asked you to show documents. It's characteristic that all had money to travel. You liveв in the country where the government was created for you and not you for the government.

I have no nostalgia either for Stalin or for the USSR (there's no Stalin and the USSR was not so ideal, otherwise such thing wouldn't happen to it). I have realization of necessity of those orders. And understanding that Stalin is being thrown mud not because he was such a great tyrant but because there were such orders at him.

Yes, it's our guilt that bastards ruined the USSR and started plundering its remains - it's the guilt of senior citizens. Yes, neither our fathers or our grandfathers left their descendants such rotting and ugly country as we leave you. Some of us were stupid and greedy, some were cowards, other relied on the government not having guesses that it's the government that ruined the USSR.

I want to hear if you think that our guilt totally release you from restoration of justice in the country? Yes, I understand that this question is not to you, in fact, judging from this letter you don't feel any freedom from fulfillment of your duty before children.

Are you afraid of Stalin? Are you afraid of returning of the USSR, Gulag, the country where "100 million of innocent people" were killed, where "one half was imprisoned, while the second half escorted it"?  Well, be afraid, who prevents you from doing it? The more so you didn't see the USSR and know little about it.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid to leave your children the country in such condition in which it's now? If you are not afraid that your own children will ask you question which you asked me but they will do it in ruder form and with less base?

You don't like the way I propose? Then don't follow it. You know how to build future for your children where neither they, nor your grandchildren would be afraid of tomorrow and would see only justice around without returning to Stalin orders - then do it - build.

Judging from the letter, you are a personality, not a deadhead, then you should behave not as a deadhead - don't' sit still, think quicker and do something!

It will mean for you to "live well"!


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