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Putin Knew about Scaled Falsifications on October, 14th

Putin Knew about Scaled Falsifications on October, 14th

Well, if it’s possible that he doesn’t know about it? “Results of elections aren't unexpected to me. I think it’s one more step confirming intention of voters to keep present institutes of the power and development of the Russian statehood. I am grateful for it to voters,” — mass media transfer the words of Putin told by him at a meeting with Churov following the results of farce on October, 14.

Actually they always blab out. That were "anonymous fathers" from Strugatskye’s novel who had happy possibility not to comment own feats. Our "fathers" - are not anonymous, it means are compelled to open their mouth periodically wide and to tell something. That’s the way casually dropped confessions come to light...

The head of the state asked his interlocutor, whether some violations were fixed on elections on October, 14th. Vladimir Churov admitted that violations took place, but that they couldn't affect the result of will expression. Clear thing - Putin's will can't be shaken by any violations or votes. Though it’s still necessary to agree with each other.

"Just fine elections, pure, transparent. I give them the highest mark", - the head of the Moscow regional election committee Irek Vildanov declared the same afternoon.

Whom then should we trust? Vildanov who considers elections fine? Or Churov who states that there were violations which all the same couldn't affect? Or it’s silly to trust both knowing about their patent honesty and adherence to principles?

Whether it could be different? There were elections of the heads of regions — Amur, Bryansk, Ryazan, Belgorod and Novgorod regions, there were elections into local Legislative Assemblies — all in all about five thousand candidates took part in them. All elected governors appeared representatives of “United Russia”! The party in power gained victory also on elections into regional parliaments. Certainly, such large-scale special operation couldn't be planned and carried out without permission of the "owner".

Literally the day before, on elections in capital municipalities candidates from "United Russia" acted as "independent candidates" understanding that having UR brand they have no chances even in case of total falsification. Some time later - such triumph!

What happened? Actually, nothing special, the power got accustomed and understood that it wouldn't be beaten – it means, it is possible to go rogue further. To draw any results to itself and its satellites, to cut off data on undesirable candidates – everything’s possible.

It is possible even to show generosity: Putin noted that the lost candidates during election campaign made “many efficient proposals”. That is it is possible not only to play with people stealing their voices but to rob intellectually. And, certainly, to appropriate everything to itself.

However, the power can’t adapt proposals of the class enemies (not to confuse to party of Mr. Zyuganov - the younger partner of UR) under interests of a ruling layer. Here it looks at the results of voting – say, Mr. Baranov gathered in his hometown where he has even more acquaintances only 327 voices. It means, people “didn't appreciated". Well, people don’t want decrease in tariffs of housing and communal amenities at least to the Moscow level (in Moscow regions they are 30% higher). People don’t want condominiums, it is more convenient that some bruds solve everything for them. People like to spend time in traffic jams, to go to work two hours one way and to reach metro to pay more than the cost of the way in it. Well, people like to receive 2 times less and to pay in one and a half time more – they have this right.

By the way, one shouldn’t think that the CPRF is some alternative to the power. It’s "left foot" of the authorities, its younger partner including participation in dirty affairs.

For example, political scientist M.Tulsky exposes, in fact, basis of all frauds in favor of the party in power on these elections: "Members of United Russia will win in all five region from five possible in the first round. Their victory will be drawn, I think that in Bryansk region they will have the highest result. Actually, the whole system of these so-called elections is built in such a way that to exclude in general the slightest chance for victory and in general for promotion of candidates dangerous to the power. The victory is the more so excluded as actually all regional electoral commissions are for 100% formed by "United Russia" and its supporters therefore they can draw themselves results they want," — he emphasized.

Who spoke in defense of the party in power? "On the data specified in the publication the member of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation with an advisory capacity from the CPRF Kirill Serdyukov on 14.10.2012 acted with application in the name of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia V.E.Churov with the requirement to carry out check". (http://kprf.ru/el_reg/111399.html)

You say "elections", "alternative"... It turned out as Putin ordered. Here you are democracy.

Anatoly Baranov

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