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Reaction to “Revolution”

Reaction to “Revolution”
Dmitry Ogneev 01.11.2012

Stagnation comes, as we know, after "thaw". Often this stagnation can be accompanied by very strong "frosts". Especially against "thaw" which can seem a drop of freedom unless for the contemporaries and only at its beginning. Descendants usually perceived it only as a respite for dissidents in the course of ideological and personnel fermentations in the power.

Such was the period of Dmitry Medvedev's board. Well, of course, it is impossible to say that celebration of democracy came. Political system built by his predecessor remained firm throughout all his presidential term, there were no free elections and opposition also wasn’t in favor: meetings «Strategy 31» and other Marches of Discontented were stably cleared away, oppositionists went to prison and some even shared the destiny of killed member of NBP Yury Chervochkin (Anton Stradymov). Nevertheless one could breathed somehow more freely, the wind of change blew as if someone opened small window in a stuffy closet called Russia.

Putin returned and small window slammed itself. Imperceptibly. At first we felt euphoria. Political system started though with a scratch changing. Certainly, it was clear to every clever person that it is only face lifting for release of steam, it was clear that Putin’s electoral laws in its every possible edition would play into hands of "United Russia". But outwardly everything looked as democratization of political system – the last, main volley of Medvedev's "thaw". It seems that even opposition got more wide possibilities. There was also the results of elections when "United Russia" though kept the power but nevertheless slightly reeled. Unless we should mention meetings on Bolotnaya and Sakharov Square which gathered unprecedented for the contemporary Russian history quantity of people, at that mostly those who were infinitely far from policy. Euphoria. Foreboding of fast crash of system. We had it.

We had. Though it lasted not very long. Support of Putin appeared to be painfully indecently high. It became clear already after actual failure of meetings in March: holiday came to its end. It was necessary to do something to put up a good show. There was May, 6th, celebrations across Moscow and new wave of euphoria, we thought that in autumn people would return from holidays, next increases of tariffs would take place contrary to oath promises of the president, cannibal law “About education” would come to effect and then …

Again nothing happened. September, 15 wasn't comparable in any way even to what happened in winter. The spirit came to its end. In policy as in football, if you don't kick a goal, they kick a goal to you! The power started acting.

In general current year became extraordinary rich on reaction. Whether due to determination of Medvedev's era and Putin’s return, or due to anniversary (75 years passed from that memorable for our country 1937). Whether for years of Medvedev’s board we really forgot repressions and inadequacy of retaliatory system. Welcome back. And even not into 2007, but to 1937. Anniversary!

Case of Pussy Riot, unprecedented since Inquisition, and actual split of the society on religious grounds which followed. Beating of citizens on Bolotnaya Square by OMON - for the first time since Yeltsin - and mass arrests which followed. At last deification – blow on “The Left Front”.

One starts thinking looking at what occurs about adequacy and mental health of the inspectors who are engaged in “Bolotnaya case”. Video received from nowhere which no normal court wouldn’t even watch, time machine created by oppositionists using which they, having taken money from Targamadze at the beginning of June, returned into the beginning of May and organized mass riots. The course of investigation is absurd, it smells 1937 when whole groups of people with frenzy wrote sincere acknowledgements recognizing themselves and their colleagues American, Japanese, German, English spies at the same time. I don’t speak about kidnapping in the territory of the foreign state, tortures and psychological pressure.

So if our power really lost touch with reality? If yes, why? What is it – nitty test or firm decision to settle at last a score with political opponents? What should we wait further? Crackdown and new “political winter”? How far the power is ready to go?

It is possible to guess, it is possible to build theories. What for? We will learn everything soon. Soon there will be elections of the president of the USA which our masters nevertheless take into consideration. Which results will influence geography distribution of “Magnitsky’s lists”. Which will force "security officers" who are in rage from blood either to brake, or will give them out carte blanche on further punishment. It’s possible then that t the best the biggest part of newly elected Coordination Council would appear in prison and in the worst … The source of "Interfax" in law enforcement agencies called applications about tortures “hysterical campaign full of juggling of facts organized by opposition” which “will lead to absolutely unexpected results”. Well, we all are already in anticipation. We have already dried crackers “just in case”.

Do you remember Berdyaev saying? “Revolution is a reaction to reaction after which reaction to revolution comes”. The power undergoes now thought-up by it reaction to "revolution" existing in their dreadful dreams. It went mental. So soon we will endure what we already had after 1905. There will be “you need great shocks, while we need great Russia”, “Stolypin cars” and “Stolypin ties”. As well as 1917.

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