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Putin’s Personnel Bench Will Be Soon Refilled with Arthropods

Putin’s Personnel Bench Will Be Soon Refilled with Arthropods
Baranov Anatoly 11.11.2012

So, the head of fraction "United Russia” in the State Duma Andrey Vorobyov is appointed the acting governor of the Moscow region. There is no doubt that he will be dragged through elective procedure as a camel through an eye of a needle. Just recently, on October, 14 “United Russia” received all in all 75 percent in the regional elections - electoral victory should be fixed and in this situation Vorobyov's figure is the most suitable: unsuitable for the role of the governor guy will be elected as people trust only and exclusively to "United Russia". And if the party offers people a horse bum, it will be elected. That is the message.

To provide proofs here you are short biography of the new governor:


Was born on April, 14, 1970 in Krasnoyarsk. Graduated from the North Ossetia University (1995), Academy of Foreign Trade (1998), the Higher School of Economy (2006). Served in the army, in the 1990s got business, from 1998 — the general director of JSC Russkaya Rybnaya Company. In 2000 became assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of EMERCOM Sergey Shoygu (Vorobyov's father was Shoygu’s deputy). By that time became the president of Fund of Support of United Russia. From 2002 — representative of administration of Adygea in the Council of Federation. In 2003, 2007 was elected into the State Duma. From 2005 — the head of the Central Election Commission of UR, is a member of the party general council. He is awarded with Medal of Honor, Medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland of the 1st degree. Candidate of Economic Sciences (thesis — "Development of investment capacity of the depressive region"). Daughter.

As we see, nothing foretold such career zigzag, except, maybe, short work with Shoygu and the post of the general director of JSC Russkaya Rybnaya Company. Why fish company? Well, because former "looking" for finances of the Moscow region from the Kremlin Mr. Kuznetsov who safely snatched the sum of 22 billion dollars suitable for the Guinness Book of Records and made the second-large region of the country bankrupt also governed JSC Russian Investment Company. Looks similar. No other indications for the post are not seen.

It is already personnel crisis, not only and not so much personally of Putin, but of the system of “looking” - instead of managing directors - created by him. We have “looking” taken from the side everywhere, no trust to professionals. The most bright example - the former Serdyukov whose professional competence could be characterized by mere fact that women whom he took with him into the Ministry of Defence to occupy general positions (at home of one of them he was found at 6 o'clock in the morning with "nuclear briefcase") called officers of the General Staff, elite of elite of the army since Romanovs’ time - green little men! If you understand? Colonels of the General Staff - green little men. And "little men" were compelled to snap to before "the generals".


Actually, already Shoygu's appointment to the post of the governor of Moscow region was accurate marker of personnel crisis. It is necessary to note two things here: Shoygu is unique figure of the world level who managed to grow up the ministry, at that “power” ministry from commercial structure - Centrospas. Efficiency of the ministry was determined first of all by that it remained as two-headed eagle half militarized structure with officers and generals and half - business concern "Emercom" which logo is sewed on fighting uniforms of the officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. That is Shoygu – is pretty unique professional.

The second thing – Shoygu is not "Putin's man", by the time ascension of the lieutenant colonel he already used to be the minister and even the Deputy Prime Minister. Shoygu - Yeltsin's man as well as Putin. Yes, he swore Putin as princes and columns swore the elected emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire but he swore as the first among equal. Shoygu should remember that in his "princedom" he is purer than Putin...

So such person is sent by Putin to the Moscow region. He appoints "looking" as Shoygu had no experience in the regional management (but for the post of the secretary of the Abakan city town committee of CPSU in 1988-89), he had no personnel for the regional management and the main thing – he has no desire to be engaged in this regional management. Shoygu is 57 years old, he hardly plans to become the president or the prime minister of the Russian Federation, while he used to occupy all other posts: Hero of Russia, Deputy Prime Minister and general. He has nothing to do in the Moscow region. It is possible to suspect – he was forced...

Now, hardly half a year from appointment as the governor passed, he has just got accustomed and began to do something – here you are! Minister of Defence. To change situation in the army as years of command of Serdyukov made for the army more, than invasions of Napoleon and Hitler taken together. Nothing good Shougy could await from the management of the Ministry of Defence. He is again appointed "looking" as civil engineer Shoygu didn't serve in the army a day, his experience of military service is estimated since 1994 – the fact would hardly be liked by army officers. Shoygu obviously doesn’t have and can’t have any own ideas on transformation of armed forces – he had neither corresponding education, nor experience of management of the army. So, again the role of "looking".

So, now – Vorobyov is appointed “looking” across the Moscow region - either from Putin, or from "United Russia" that from time to time is not one and the same, as Mayakovsky wrote, the party is "a class brain, force of the class" and so on. In this case of the "class of swindlers and thieves" which in modern, "Putin’s" Russia gained lines of independent public force.

However, thus Putin ruling the country according to his experience of secret-service work (the highest bureaucracy – colleagues-policemen, mass of bureaucrats - agency, people - adverse environment in which policemen with agency work), humiliated ruling party, having shown that position of the head of its Duma fraction means much less, than the post of the governor of the large region. He humiliated all parliament, having shown that real power in the region is more important than the power of ruling party and all legislative case.

Well, at the same time Putin habitually humiliated all civil society, having shown people’s place near to the toilet. Putin takes absolutely improper person, appoints him to "elective" position and civil society legitimizes this appointment by means of "elections" forged before their official announcement.

Unless someone has doubts that Vorobyov will win elections in October of next year with devastating account? So, look at modeling elections in Khimki where appointed all of a sudden Shakhov took almost as much, as all other candidate taken together for 2 months, when inhabitants of subordinated city for the first time in general got to know his name.

By the way, yesterday I passed Tula region where effective manager Shakhov recently worked as the vice governor responsible for road construction as well. Quality of the federal highway is felt by bum, one should just cross regional border - a narrow, dark, continuous track... The city of Chern boggled imagination - the center of the city is crossed by the federal highway "Crimea" and in its center it is simple primer! Well, they repair something, but didn’t put even some gravel on bypass road, we have to go in first gear. That is before rain starts because it’s impossible to travel there in rainy weather. Now, likely, he the same way effectively solves transport problem of Leningradskoye Highway. Or he is going to occupy the post of the Minister of Health...

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