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Death of the Country. Eyewitness Testimony

Death of the Country. Eyewitness Testimony
Dmitry Trophimov 03.12.2012

I remember in fairy tales of my childhood: You won’t count diamonds in stone caves. For twenty years without the USSR I had a choice to understand that one won’t count false analyses of causes of death of the USSR. In 1963 I became the director of the factory. Next bureaucratic reform (Economic Council) was about to end, it didn’t solve any problem of rhythmical supply of production by materials and accessories. Shameful exile of active ignorance (Khrushchev) from the Kremlin and return to the ministries was ahead. One more bureaucratic reform was coming (1965), it put a final point on attempts to construct viable socialism. As we learned in forty years that reform replaced the project of academician Glushkov, he proposed to transfer socialist production on intensification rails.

I kept silent listening to the voices of those who helped to ruin the USSR - what rascal will tell truth in the court of history? I kept silent when scientists – economists having run away to a camp of enemy run down socialism – after all the workers didn’t believe them even at the Soviet power. But recently I found in Guide Park article of Sergey Sergiyenko "Analysis of Causes of Death of the USSR" and now I can’t remain silent. The matter is that both of us thresh one shock – both of us are opponents of those who destroyed the USSR and today feasts on its remains. I don't want Sergey and other companions trusted in myths and lies in this question.

The author lists the reasons led to death of the USSR. I counted up five of them.

1. Economic crisis

2. Delay with management change.

3. External pressure.

4. Ideological crisis.

5. Creation of odious image of bodies of state security.

When one marshal started listing the reasons of unsuccessful battle to Napoleon, he managed to tell only the first phrase: firstly – I was left without gunpowder and kernels. It’s enough - the emperor told – you can not continue. The same with Sergiyenko's article - the first point is enough to explain why the country was ruined.

The names of those who let crisis be which led to the ruin could be given – there’s no secret here. There’s no malice here, simply ignorance. Ignorant leaders failed to distinguish false – alchemists who called themselves scientists – economists from true scientists who knew how socialism should be build. They trusted charlatans and left the country defenseless in front of economic aggression of capitalism heavily-armed with the most advanced weapon of management.

To the second half of the century world production became complicated to such extend that it became impossible to manage it manually. Information barrier took the path of the production as sonic barrier in the way of the plane. Capitalists used computer and overcame that barrier having transferred due to it from extensive to intensive way of development. Academician Glushkov proposed to act in the same way and prepared the project. All power of "economic science" hammered Glushkov and there was no one in the top of management who would take wreckers away from science and progress way. National Automated System and other documents confirm what was told in details. As a result of that sabotage – the USSR continued its development following extensive scheme and inevitable depletion of extensive resources led to hopeless legging behind Western competitors. The USSR was ready to economic defeat. The rest was done with the help of betrayers and foreign intelligence service.

While Stalin was live, the USSR actively used production know-hows of capitalism. He bought factories, technologies, invited specialists and turned ignorant Russia into the mighty state. He found own scientists who invented nuclear bomb and rocket program, while new management which appeared after him found charlatans, trusted in them and stopped movement to socialism. Many of those charlatans-scientists are still alive. They flourish together with thieves and water socialism with scientific sewage. I will call two of them, still acting. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Bogomolov and academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Milner. Both of them influenced Kosygin and other political coryphaeuses in the most active way and achieved cancellation of the project of information infrastructure.

Socialism without information technologies remains utopia, it can't compete on equal terms to capitalism having this weapon. Our nice “socialist” economic science foaming-at-the-mouth rejected that axiom till last day of existence of both "sciences" and the USSR.

One thing still surprises today: why this axiom still isn't understood by scientists - supporters of socialism, why they look for reasons of death of the USSR in the political garbage and even in ideological jungle.

While we lost not the USSR – we lost Russia. The bit of the Russian Federation which called itself Russia would never become Russia. The union of socialist republics soon enough (to history measures) will unitep the whole planet and its bit - the Russian Federation - will enter into it. As well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Angola.

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