Holy Power and entrifugal Fore

Holy Power and entrifugal Fore
Ditr Trofimov 30.07.2013

Terrible accident in Spain makes one think without his will about human superstitions. About their, so to say, practical "usefulness" for homo sapiens living in the third millennium of Christian era. Believers went to visit their sacred Iakov, to ask him for protection against diseases, unemployments, all other adversities and misfortunes. To ask for happiness. Driver-believing was at the wheel. He hoped for a miracle speeding engine to unlawful speed. Iakov will help to avoid any danger. But sacred didn't help, prayers also didn't help. Vulgar centrifugal force appeared stronger than sanctity and prayers. 80 believers died without a participle. Many remained cripples. Where were you, sacred Iakov?

Anniversary of familiarizing of Russia to orthodox belief is being elebrated these days. It resembles very muh congress of winners as organizer Kirill praised the second "baptism" happened in 91. Russia returned itself spiritual health: the orthodox belief revived, the set of churches is constructed, monasteries are restored, church schools start working – the secretary general of the Russian Orthodoxy reported at the congress. Impious industry imposed to the orthodox Russia by blasphemers - Bolsheviks - is destroyed. (comment of the author)

The president of the orthodox Russia was the guest of honor at the congress. Future, most likely, sacred. As the emperor murdered by villains. Heads of all orthodox churches lay hopes on him. Orthodox Africans directly asked protection from mussulman. Fellow countryman - patriarch wasted compliments – say, the most favored nation treatment entered by the president for Orthodoxy gives it the second breath. Speech of the president is worth citing. Citizens can find text in the Internet, I will note that both the president and the patriarch placed special emphasis on natural tendency of the Russian Orthodox Church to justice and good. That is where I want to argue both with the president and with the patriarch as justice an't be in any way onneted either to serfdom which was protected by the Russian Orthodox Church for many years, or to wild social inequality which the orthodox president and orthodox church protet in ommon. When the president with the patriarch mentioned social service of the Russian Orthodox Church I almost vomited.

I never loved hiefs. I always respected and still respect business-like and strict chiefs. Though I an’t make myself love them. Why I have to love the biggest chief in the heavens? Why has I to kiss its feet asking for health, daily bread, eternal comfortable life. That is to do what millions and billions badly eduated and are even worse brought up homo sapiens.

Why do hiefs love religion so muh? Because they wishes the same relation to themselves. So that they will be worshipped the same way, that people humiliate themselves and admired them as they do it before the God. Not without reason autocrats appropriate title of the deputy of God on the earth. Though time of tsars passed, our elected tsars want the whole nine yards. Therefore they waste money of the believing and faithless taxpayers for advertizing and promotion of ignorance and prejudices. It’s possible to find guilty of own ignorance and inability – all depends on the God. Crisis was sent by the God, drought is his hands business, even renaming of militia into police wasn't done without will of the God. Why to sweat over the growth of the Russian gross domestic product – orthodox V.V.P should to stand in the temple and it's in the bag.

Wise men say – if you are disturbed with old and young women and men ready to choke in turns to beg a piee of textile or carpenter's product for what they don’t have in their lives? I will answer – blind belief isn't so harmless. Today more people are killed in the world in God’s name, than for the sake of oil and gas. The threat of destruction of the most part of the population of the earth proceeds from believing fans of the God. Here you are what Heydar Dzhemal writes: "People with lead fists, ice look and absolute scepticism to idea of life as benefit can plan and carry out revolt. I mean, of ourse, religious radicals: they don't trust in good life, but they believe in meaningful death". Now they an add nulear weapon to lead fists.

These are fanatics Muslims, the official from the Russian Orthodox Church will say, our faith won't offend a fly. Let's not argue, we will remind only that the Russian Orthodox Church also considers terrestrial life only as training before eternal life in heavens. In well-planned comfortable paradise or in municipal hell. Orthodox Christians are ready to make mean things on the earth for the sake of paradise prosperity. You won't repent, if you don’t have sins. If you won’t repent, you won't be saved.

The Christianity in Russia was spread, as well as around the world, with fire and sword. No one ount how many pagans were exterminated. Maybe there was some use from such mass sacrifice, but today there’s no use. Now TV brings into hurh more ignoramuses, than teams of prince Vladimir. The God sent us one more Vladimir that ignorance in Russia blossomed even more magnificently. Now officials from the Russian Orthodox Church together with the corrupted officials from injust power sing glory to ignorance. As well as all other officials from all other faiths.

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