Instead of Eltsin's "Family" the Country Is Being Plundered by Putin's "Team" and the Matter Is Being Done Much More Profoundly

Setting off gas war against brotherly Belarus people, the same way it was done year ago against people of the Ukraine the Kremlin kleptocracy justified its actions by the fact that Byelorussians and Ukrainians by receiving power resources at the "cut prices" ostensibly deprive poor Russian pensioners of money.

It’s a disputable question - who deprives whom of money. It is known that oil and gas deposits were mastered in due time not by Putin, by Miller and not by Kudrin with Gref. They were mastered by all multinational Soviet people. It is also known that the Russian Federation was the first, but for the Baltic, to declare about its secession of the USSR having accepted on June, 12th, 1990 the so-called declaration on the sovereignty (it is not clear from whom). Belarus and the Ukraine as well as, by the way, republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, were compelled to do the same already after eltsin’s Russia.

Thus, having spoken on behalf of the Russian Federation, eltsin’s mode actually appropriated riches of all multinational people of the Soviet Union. Then it distributed free of charge oil and gas to criminal oligarches and corrupted officials.

Generally speaking the sharing which took place was deeply unfair. In fact at such an approach the majority of the Russians have no right to use power resources. Even because they are concentrated in bowels of the grounds where Finno-Ugric and Nenets peoples is indigenous population whose legitimate interests are not counted on in the Kremlin.

But the matter is not even in it. It would be possible to welcome if incomes from export of oil and gas would go on solving of social problems of citizens of the Russian Federation, on increase of salaries and pensions, on development of the Russian economy, education, public health services.

However, oil and gas dollars are spent absolutely on other things. They either go to the so-called stabilization fund situated in the USA and working not for the Russian but for the American economy or are appropriated and plundered by Kremlin oligarches and officials.

In other words, there is a barefaced robbery, including, Russian people. So that to disorient Russian people it is specified false purposes, setting on East-Slavonic brothers - Byelorussians and Ukrainians through the controllable mass-media, instead of showing its true enemies in the Kremlin and offices of the oil-and-gas companies. It should be mentioned that sometimes it becomes possible. To the obvious pleasure of the oligarches buying new castles, yachts and football clubs.

One of these days in the western press, in particular, in "Guardian" the details of how they spend money stolen appeared. The mass-media informed that there appeared a fashion to write out world pop-stars for private parties which was promptly becoming popular among the Russian oligarches.

Especially often one can meet oversea celebrities during New Year's holidays on villas situated near Moscow. How much the actors receive for their participation in such actions, as a rule, keeps a secret. But from time to time inside information filters into mass-media astonishing men of the street by astronomical quantity of zero. So, for example, Georges Michael, according to the British pressmen, received for performance one and a half million pounds on a villa party of the oligarch Vladimir Potanin who is heartily accepted in Vladimir Putin's cabinet. New Year show took place in his residence not far from Moscow. The gym reequipped for this occasion into the club held 300 persons. Gay-star arrived to Moscow by private plane in the company of his boy-friend Kenny Goss, 20 musicians and back-vocalists appeared on public invited by nickel baron far into the night and having congratulated guests with New Year and showed a bit shortened version of his recent European tour 25 Live. One and a half million pounds or more than three million dollars which George Michael received - is, probably, the largest fee in the history of the Russian show business, “Guardian” marks. Another Russian oligarch, Suleyman Kerimov, was the one who offered before Potanin the greatest fees to visiting stars. Some time ago under his invitation popular singers Shakira and Christina Agilera who, according to some information, received one million dollars for 45-minute show acted. The same sum Christina Agilera received, according to the rumours, for the performance of 3 songs on the wedding ceremony of a young Russian multi-millionaire Andrey Melnichenko which took place in September, 2005. 

There was also in press information that Britney Spears will, probably, arrive to Moscow. Ostensibly she was invited by the owner of Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov who bought an hour concert of a star for one and a half million dollars.

It is necessary to note that according to data of "Forbs" "fairly earned" personal estate of the only Suleyman Kerimov mentioned before (who had got recently into an accident on Cote d-Azur in France) considerably exceeds the sum which, according to Putin, was ostensibly annually undergained by "Gazprom" delivering Byelorussia gas under the prices close to in-Russian. Telman Ismailov is fairly poorer than he, while Melnichenko and Potanin - even richer. Putin’s officials and security officials and even their offsprings do not lag behind oligarches. There is an article published by Mary Zego in the French “Mond” on this theme which is attached to the article.

Well-trodden Way for the Children of Nomenclature

Their names, their training in special services open all doors before them.

They are from 25 to 30 years, they have been trained in institutions of special services (FSB) or in military educational institutions and owing to their surnames which they have they appear today in key sectors of the Russian economy. The son of the Prime Minister, the son of the Minister of Defence, the son of the Head of FSB. All of them occupy the best posts in oil or bank sphere. Taking preparations to change their fathers on their posts in a uniform, they could be also affirmed as new Russian oligarches of tomorrow.

In his 27 years Sergey Sergeevich Ivanov, the son of the Minister of Defence - Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, is already the vice-president of "Gazprombank" - the bank of the Russian gas giant. Being hardly senior Peter Fradkov, the senior son of the Prime Minister Michael Fradkov, occupies similar post in "Vnesheconombank". It will be he who, according to the Russian press, will head the Russian Bank in 2008 which development and structure are at a stage of formation. Submitting to the prime minister, not to the Central Bank, this bank will distribute money from the investment funds. The bank is being created for the strengthening of the weak sectors of the Russian economy, export of industrial goods support as well as for the development of small and mid-level enterprises.

“This post according to its level will be correspondent to the post of the Minister in the government, but the salary will be much more higher. The motivation is important, there should be no place for plunder”, - father-prime-minister has announced recently in the course of one of the sessions dedicated to the establishment of a new bank.

The junior son of the same Michael Fradkov – Paul - has graduated from Academy of FSB. He finished it together with Andrey Patrushev, the younger son of the present director of FSB Nikolay Patrushev. 25-years old Andrey is appointed as the adviser of Igor Sechin, a head of a leading company "Rosneft" and the assistant of the chapter of presidential administration. Till this time young Patrushev occupied a high post in FSB where he supervised oil sector. After his transfer into an active reserve of security service, he will work in "Rosneft" and will continue his relations with mother company. By no means he will stay in contact with his elder brother Dmitry Patrushev who supervises the credits of the oil companies in the state “Vneshtorgbank” where he occupies the post of the vice-president.  

The second vice-president of this bank is Sergey Matvienko. His mother – Valentina Matvienko – occupies the post of the governor of Saint-Petersburg. It shouldn’t be specified that she – is a representative of the nearest circle of Vladimir Putin.